Chaz Northcross

Chaz Northcross is a Vegan Food Critic, Vegan Food Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Author, TV & Film Consultant, Professional Sports & Entertainment Promoter, and Master Entrepreneur. Chaz first came to fame in Hollywood by producing some of Southern California’s largest Hip/Hop Cannabis festivals.  Chaz is a U.S. Air Force Veteran that started his food and fitness business while living in Los Angeles.  Many of his friends and clients would ask him what he ate to stay in such great shape.  Once Chaz shared his eating habits, Veganism and fitness schedule with friends it soon turned into a full-time business with word spreading quickly in the tight circle of entertainers and professional athletes in Hollywood.  Chaz was soon consulting hundreds of people seeking his advice on healthy eating and living.  It was just a matter of time before restaurant owners, food companies and cooking schools were requesting his consulting services on Vegan food items.   Chaz developed a love for healthy eating while serving in the military and developed a passion satisfying himself in a healthy manner and also helping others discover healthier food options.  While living in Los Angeles Chaz shared his passion for Vegan food with award winning entertainers, professional athletes, and politicians.

Chaz created the lifestyle brand “Meatless Munchies” and launched it in January 2019. “Meatless Munchies” is a lifestyle brand around everything meatless without sacrificing taste, texture, quality or health. Meatless Munchies travels to restaurants, fairs, test kitchens and festivals that serves or has a meatless item on their menu and shares with his audience the excellent meat alternatives that are available in the cities that they live. Chaz will also highlight some of the great Vegan Chefs from around the world that are at the top of their game.  He will also expose his audience to up and coming Vegan Chefs.  Meatless Munchies also has a Youth Vegan Chef program that partners youths with mentors in the industry.  This program isn’t available in all areas.  Contact for more info.

Chaz grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and believes his passion for food came from the backyard garden his family had while growing up. Chaz is on a mission to discover the best “Meatless Munchies”
anywhere in the world. Chaz supports many charities including The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Big
Brothers and Big Sisters International. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.